Atlanta Braves turnaround

On this new blog post we are going to explore the Atlanta Braves baseball franchise and their complete one hundred and eighty degree turnaround back in the early 1990’s. Deemed the laughing stock of professional baseball all throughout the late 1970’s and early 1980’s the Atlanta Braves were the worst team in baseball and lost the most around of games per year. Really sad. I remember going to the Atlanta Braves games back when I was a kid in the 1980’s and the stands would be pretty much empty. If you purchased the upper deck seats, you could always walk down to the lower level for an outstanding view of our sad Atlanta Braves baseball team and watch them lose.

Moving on into the 1991 season I think a lot of Braves baseball fans had the same outlook on the new season as I did. Yeah, we are getting better, but we aren’t quite there yet. Every year that we had promise or they seemed to be getting better, something would inevitably happen and we would be set back drastically. I don’t know a bigger fan that my friend over at carpet cleaning Lawrenceville Ga, and he stuck with them during all these years. Maybe a pitcher would get injured, a few of our best players would be injured or traded, or whatever else could happen, did. Murphy’s law lived in the Atlanta Braves dugout and on the team. We had Bobby Cox as the manager from the early 1980’s and he had started to assemble a good winning team and some great players that would have us get better and better each year.

So, no team had ever went from last place one year to the first place the following year in the Nation league. But, in 1991 the Atlanta Braves had gotten off to a great start and begin winning games in droves. We were rounding out the latter part of the season and it was beginning to look like we were going to be in contention at the end. The entire city was on the back of the Braves and cheering them on, people were coming together and celebrating as the Braves had been so awful for as long as anyone could remember.

We did the unthinkable and made the National League playoffs and were starting to look pretty good down the stretch. Our team had come together and were winning games, playing with confidence and it was electric in Atlanta watching the Braves. They had went from last place in 1990 to first place in the National league east in 1991. What a huge feat, it is so difficult to erase history and play with confidence when you have been getting kicked around for so long. I credit the coaching staff for keeping everyone motivated and hungry to expect to win on a daily basis, especially when everyone thinks you stink!

Sid Bream, one of our players who couldn’t run, about as fast as my grandmother, made the game winning slide into home plate for the win in the National league Championship series against the Pittsburgh Pirates. That was and still is the biggest hair raising moment (besides winning the world series in 1995) in Braves baseball history. It was because we were last place to first during the regular season, came back and won that game to go to the World series for the first time in our baseball franchise history. Wow, that was a big time moment and I still get chills when I think about it or watch it on You tube to relive the moment that was the greatest in Braves baseball history.

Pitching Outing

So, I wanted to take a ride on the way back machine to one of my best little league games from my hometown. It was spring in the “major league” age group, which is around 12 to 13 year olds playing baseball and I was pitching the game. This is about the same age as you see on tv with the little league world series. Our team was the A’s (think the Oakland A’s – yellow and green) and I forgot who we were playing now. But my friend Shane who now works with movers Lawrenceville GA was on that team, memory gets me on this one, but I think their team name was the Padres.

Being the starting pitcher, I warmed up before the game and my arm felt great. The fast ball and curve ball were working in tandom and coming in hot. We were young, and I was one of the only pitchers in little league who Continue reading Pitching Outing

Little League Baseball

Welcome to my new website BP Keepers where we discuss the past time of baseball and the game itself. BP Keepers  is my alias for a character that loves the game of baseball. He re-lives old glory days of years past playing the game growing up and having fun in the dirt.

Growing up participating in the little league of the local town, I learned to play the game for fun, with friends, and for competition.  I remember the tee-ball years where we had a stationary tee standing there to swing the bat at. From there, the coach would pitch the ball to us where we honed in our our skills for seeing the ball to contact. Baseball is a part of American culture, a big slice of a lot of kids lives, and a good game to learn sportsmanship, playing on a team and the ups and downs of life.

One of my good buddies who owns Roofer Lawrenceville, GA was actually at the little league world series a few years ago. Said it was one of the best experiences of his life. Again, thank you for being a part of my new blog where we will go back  to a simpler time and Continue reading Little League Baseball