Pitching Outing

So, I wanted to take a ride on the way back machine to one of my best little league games from my hometown. It was spring in the “major league” age group, which is around 12 to 13 year olds playing baseball and I was pitching the game. This is about the same age as you see on tv with the little league world series. Our team was the A’s (think the Oakland A’s – yellow and green) and I forgot who we were playing now. But my friend Shane who now works with movers Lawrenceville GA was on that team, memory gets me on this one, but I think their team name was the Padres.

Being the starting pitcher, I warmed up before the game and my arm felt great. The fast ball and curve ball were working in tandom and coming in hot. We were young, and I was one of the only pitchers in little league whocould throw a curve ball with accuracy for strikes and a knuckle ball from time to time (my shameless plug). It was the first inning and the batters were getting up to the plate, and I was striking them out one after another….After 2 innings I think I had 5 strikeouts which was good considering I had only faced 6 batters total. Everyone was starting to see a good pitching game unfold for our team.

Fast forward to later on in the 5th inning and I had a no hitter going with 12 or 13 strikeouts through the fifth. On our end, our team was scoring runs every inning and we were turning this game into a blowout with epic proportions. A lot of the fans were starting to get restless because we were knocking the cover off the ball and they couldn’t hit my pitching, but nevertheless the game went on. Shortly after facing the first batter in the 6th inning, I struck him out…then the second batter hit a pop up and we got him out. It was down to the last batter for their team, and I was determined to finish the game with a no hitter that day. He came up to the plate and it was 3 strikes in a row, with him whiffing on my curve ball to end the game with a no hitter. The crowd (all of our moms) went wild and that was my first no hitter that I pitched in little league.

This story was one that I had wanted to tell for a long time, since only those at the game saw it when I was a younger lad growing up in Loganville, GA. Baseball was my favorite sport growing up, and it was where i was most successful. Maybe my son will want to play baseball when he becomes of age and we can re-live old moments like this. BP Keepers had fun writing this story.

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